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The theatre itself can be no more than a 'best guess' as to how things were. And the same sense of limitation pervades all aspects of the productions - casting, clothing, properties, design, music, movement Every attempt at an 'original practice' is an experiment, whether it be the casting of men in women's roles, the design and making of contemporary costume, or the performance of songs and instrumental music. The Globe has nonetheless carved out for itself an enviable reputation in each of these areas.

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Although by no means restricting itself to original practices - for example, there have been productions in modern dress, as well as all-female casts - it is, to my mind, what it does best. And, throughout its first twenty-eight productions, from to , its audiences have been exposed to interpretations of most aspects of the Elizabethan stage. With one striking exception. The Globe had not touched original pronunciation OP.

He had even suggested that it might be used for the whole run. Nobody doubted the spirit of the argument - that original practice in pronunciation was just as valid an aim as original practice in any other area of stagecraft. But in-house opinion was, understandably, against it.

The chief problem was that nobody knew just how it would sound. Perhaps it would be so different from present-day pronunciation that audiences would simply not be able to follow it? An unintelligible play could produce an attendance catastrophe.

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No theatre, least of all the Globe, with its attendances restricted to five months of the year, and just four plays in production, could afford to alienate a quarter of its audience. They dropped the idea. But, like all good ideas, the thought would not go away. Tim kept getting asked, in workshops, 'How did it sound originally? So, in the planning for the season, he returned to it. This time he suggested a three-performance experiment, a month into the season. It would be publicized as such, so that audiences would know they would be getting something different.

There was still some in-house uncerta inty.

Pronouncing Shakespeare: The Globe Experiment

Would the actors be able to cope with two versions of the play to perform? Would it not require two rehearsal regimes, in a very tight schedule? Tim had another argument. Surely the Globe had to be the first to mount such a production, in modern times? There had been no such experiment since John Barton's Julius Caesar in If the Globe didn't do it, someone else would.

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Could the Globe live with that? The answer was no.

Pronouncing Shakespeare : the Globe experiment

Artistic director Mark Rylance gave the experiment his blessing. And so it was decided, in the autumn of , that for the Globe's twenty-ninth production the resonances of Elizabethan English would once again be heard on a stage in Southwark. See All Customer Reviews. Show More. Table of Contents Prologue Tim Carroll; 1. Idea; 2. Proposal; 3. Evidence; 4. Rehearsal; 5.

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Performance; 6. Consequences; Epilogue; Afterlife. Average Review. Write a Review. Pronouncing Shakespeare: The Globe Experiment 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. Clyde-O More than 1 year ago A very well written and interesting background to the orignial pronounciation experimented with at the Globe Theatre. Informative and accessible. Coming from a theatre background the linguistic information was very accessible and intriguing.

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Audio-visual aids. The story behind the production of Romeo and Juliet at Shakespeare's Globe in original, Shakespearian pronunciation, first published in Ta kontakt med Kundesenteret. Avbryt Send e-post. How can we know, and could the original pronunciation ever be recreated? For three days in June Shakespeare's Globe presented their production of Romeo and Juliet in original, Shakespearian pronunciation.

Les mer. Om boka Pronouncing Shakespeare How did Shakespeare's plays sound when they were originally performed?

here In an unusual blend of autobiography, narrative, and academic content, reflecting the unique nature of the experience, this book by David Crystal recounts the first attempt in over 50 years to mount a full-length Shakespeare play in original pronunciation.