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One can also be seen in the hands of one of the gangsters that captures Faye following the shootout at the Chinese pharmacy. The Colt SAA also makes infrequent appearances in the title sequence of Big Shots , the bounty-hunting show featured throughout the series.

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The weapon is drawn smaller than normal, possibly to emphasize Hakim's towering stature. Appearing in only one episode, "Sympathy for the Devil", Spike uses this single-shot pistol loaded with a custom round made from a rare mineral against the primary antagonist in the climax of the episode. Its function and form appears to be based on the Thompson Center Arms Contender , but is entirely fictional. Also appearing only once in the episode "Sympathy for the Devil", this fictional pistol appears to be partially based on the M A compensator or barrel weight?

It is also used by Red Dragon henchmen in "The Real Folks Blues", and briefly seen in a photograph when Jet is describing the history of the 'Space Warriors' an eco-terrorist group in "Gateway Shuffle". Two versions appear, one fitted with a Surefire Forend Weaponlight and one without.

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Both appear to have two magazines in a dual mag clamp. In the episode "Gateway Shuffle", a group of environmental terrorists calling themselves the "Space Warriors" can be seen brandishing MAC machine pistols. The MAC also makes a brief appearance in two other episodes fitted with a suppressor. Several PM submachine guns can be seen in use by hijackers in the episode "Waltz for Venus".

In the episode "Asteroid Blues", several mobsters can be seen weilding IMI Uzi's while chasing their stolen property and shooting up a bar. They appear to be fitted with slimline grips. In the episode "Cowboy Funk", the guard escorting Ted Bower, the "Teddy Bomber", is carrying a Remington pump-action shotgun with black synthetic furniture.

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When Spike faces Vicious at the church, one of his men fires on him with an M79 Grenade Launcher , though fails to score a hit and is ultimately killed by Spike. In the episode "Mushroom Samba", the youngest Shaft brother wields what appears to be a fictional pump-action grenade launcher, similar in function to the real-life China Lake Launcher. In the episode "Mushroom Samba", Coffy uses a stylized Arwen 37 to fire on Shaft as he attempts to board the train. Used again in the episode "Bohemian Rhapsody", Jonathan weilds a stylized Arwen 37 of the same design in order to threaten Hex, and later fires several rounds in crazed frustration.

The grenade launcher is fitted with a large lever loop a-la Terminator 2. In a sequence very reminiscent of the film, Andy draws and flip-cocks the Launcher one handed while riding a horse. In the episode "Ballad of Fallen Angels", Spike empites a paper bag full of M67 Hand Grenades onto a table while preparing to confront Vicious at the Church, later using them to dispatch several of his men. Appearing in the episode "Toys in the Attic", Spike initially uses this flamethrower to roast some kebabs, but later turns it against an unknown creature incapacitating the crew.

This episode borrows heavily from Alien , and appears to be partially based on the M Flamethrower from its sequel Aliens , however the similarities are limited. In the episode "Honky Tonk Women", the mob-run casino ship can be seen armed with an M Vulcan mounted to the deck, which appears to have a futuristic version of the Raytheon Phalanx Close-In Weapon System. In the episode "Pierrot Le Fou", the title character can be seen brandishing a fictional Cane Gun as his primary weapon, firing a massive number of shots as opposed to real cane guns usually being loaded with only one round and demonstrating incredible accuracy, he is able to shoot out the window of an armored car with a repeated barrage of bullets to the same spot.

Various weapons can be seen when Faye is held at gunpoint in the episode "Honky Tonk Women". Mad Pierrot displays an impressive arsenal hidden in his coat in the episode "Pierrot Le Fou" which he pulls several weapons from. Merkiaari Wars Series: Books Mark E.

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J-type 327 Nubian royal starship

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